Company history

1981 April
Established Nikken Sogyo Co., Ltd.(Nikken Total Sourcing Inc.) in Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo as an in-plant outsourcing company.
1989 May
Established Ability Nikken Co., Ltd. to dispatch clerical workers.
1994 November
Inaugurated the new headquarters building in Nishikamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo.
1996 December
Acquired shares of Altekna Co., Ltd., which became an engineering outsourcing affiliate.
1999 October
Obtained a license for general worker dispatch service and launched a temporary staffing service.
2001 April
Established Nihon Tact Co., Ltd. to provide outsourcing services for manufacturers.
2002 December
Obtained a license for employment placement service and launched a recruitment service.
2004 March
Launched a worker dispatch service for manufacturers after the Revised Worker Dispatch Law was instituted.
Established Nikken Kankyo Service Co., Ltd. (which obtained authorization in November 2004 to become a special subsidiary promoting the employment of workers with disabilities).
Established Takasaki Techno Center (recognized as an official vocational training facility in March, 2006).
2005 March
Established Higashi Hiroshima Techno Center.
Established Sendai Techno Center. (recognized as an official vocational training facility in September, 2006).
2006 July
Obtained Privacy Mark certification.
2007 April
Established Nikken Sogyo Health Insurance society (Nikken Group Health Insurance Society).
2008 March
Acquired shares of Sanwa Group companies (Sanwa Co., Ltd., Intertechno Co., Ltd. and Techno Center Co., Ltd.), which became engineering staffing affiliates.
2011 April
Acquired Eco-Action 21 certification for environmental management initiatives.
Received industry recognition as a respected outsourcing business operator.
2014 August
Established a joint venture company, Nikken (Thailand) Co., Ltd., to provide staffing/outsourcing services in Thailand.
Entered into capital partnership with Staffers Recruitment Consultants Co., Ltd. in Thailand.
2015 April
Established Kumamoto Techno Center.
Established Nagoya CAD Training room.
Changed the corporate name to Nikken Total Sourcing Inc.
Established Hokuriku Techno Center.
2017 January
Nikken (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. made World Asia Solutions Co., Ltd. its subsidiary company.
Established Yokohama Techno Center.
Established Tokyo CAD Training room.
Established Nagoya Techno Center.
2018 March
Established Kansai Techno Center.
Established Tokyo Technical Center.
Established Osaka Technical Center.
Acquired shares of Arum Holdings Co., Ltd., Arum Medical Support Co., Ltd.,