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In response to demands from a diversifying society,
we are proud to offer the best platform for human resources.

Changing industrial structure and work attitudes

For over 40 years, since our founding in 1981, we have been working closely with employees and companies. Nikken Total Sourcing Inc. has been providing human resources solutions that are tailored to the prevailing social and economic environment.
Especially in recent years, the Japanese economy has seen many major changes, such as accelerated globalization, technological innovation through DX, etc., and with these changes, has come a shift in industrial structure.
In addition to a shrinking workforce due to declining birth rates and an aging population, the working environment and attitudes of workers are also changing. This includes for instance, attitudes to work and diversifying career paths.

Careful support from an employee perspective

We are able to respond quickly and flexibly to changing times and a shifting working environment, and are promoting initiatives to realize workstyles that are appropriate for the new era, both from employee and corporate perspectives.
We support career development through our outstanding training and support capabilities, so that employees can be their best selves in a variety of work scenarios.
We have built relationships of trust with those we have helped, through friendly, engaging down-to-earth support.

As an all-round human resources platform

For companies seeking new talent, we are able to respond to a variety of staffing needs through our "comprehensive capabilities," bringing together personnel and expertise in numerous industries and fields, ranging from manufacturing, equipment maintenance, robotics, research and development, mechanical design, IT, chemistry and biotechnology, field services, construction, medical care and nursing, and welfare.

Nikken Total Sourcing Inc. will continue to create not only job opportunities and matched placements, but will also strive to be a "human resource platform" company that draws out the potential of workers in all areas, regardless of industry or field. Going forward, we will take on the challenge of building a society in which both workers and companies can grow and realize happiness together.

Koji Shimizu
Nikken Total Sourcing Inc. President Koji Shimizu